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Linear Rendering - Maya 2012 Workflow

Why Render using a linear workflow?

Maya does not consider your monitors gamma information in the lighting results. Therefore, your images would appear darker than they should or look washed out when rendered. In order to fix this problem we have to gamma-encode (also called tone mapping) our images. By gamma-encoding images special information is written to the files that changes the brightness and luminence values that are displayed. It also contains color information.

- 8-bit images, JPG, TGA, BMP, have been gamma-encoded (sRGB) so that it will look correct on your monitor

- 32-bit images, TIFF, EXR, HDR, are not gamma-encoded(linear) So thats why it looks washed out or darker than they should be.

Color Management

Render Settings > Common

Enable Color Management

Default Input Profile - Linear sRGB
Default Output Profile - sRGB

Gamma Correcting Textures

When using any type of file texture on your geometry the process to get your textures to render properly is fairly simple. All you need to do is set the Color Profile of your Material to sRGB, which is described below under file texture. This process only works if you are using Maya 2012 or newer. Previous versions of Maya you will need to gamma correct your file textures following the architechtural texture method describe below.

file texture

1) Window > Rendering Editor > Hypershade

2) Select your Material (mia_material_x, blinn, etc.)  and go to the Attribute Editor (ctrl + a)

3) Select the file tab

4) Under the File Attributes set the Color Profile - sRGB

architechtural textures

For architechtural textures (any shading network that comes pre installed with Maya i.e. Blinn, Phong, Lambert, mia_material_x, etc.) A gamma node should be used to correct the color information for rendering. Otherwise your renders will look washed out.

1) Create a Material  in your Hypershade (mia_material_x, blinn, etc.)

2) Select a color value for your material

3) Create Gamma Correct Node in your Hypershade - Maya > Utilites > Gamma Correct

4) In your Gamma Correct Node set the following values:

Value - Set to color of the Material you are gamma correcting
Gamma - .45 .45 .45

5) MMD (Middle Mouse Drag) Gamma Correct Node to the color value in your Material (mia_material_x)


When rendering the following file formats: JPG, TGA, BMP - No Change in Render Settings

If rendering 32 bit float file formats: HDR, EXR, TIFF. Then the following settings should be applied:

Render Settings > Quality > Framebuffer

Data Type - RGBA (float) 4 x 32 bit

Color Management

Default Input Profile - Linear sRGB
Default Output Profile - Linear sRGB

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