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Command Line - Occlusion Preset

There are many ways to create an ambient occlusion render in Maya. The fastest and easiest way I like to do this is by using the command line and skip manually creating all the nodes in hypershade. Using the command line is a quicker way because it creates the ambient occlusion shader and applies it to the geometry automatically. This tutorial describe the steps in order to apply occlusion to your objects in a render layer.

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Linear Rendering - Maya 2012 Workflow

Why Render using a linear workflow?

Maya does not consider your monitors gamma information in the lighting results. Therefore, your images would appear darker than they should or look washed out when rendered. In order to fix this problem we have to gamma-encode (also called tone mapping) our images. By gamma-encoding images special information is written to the files that changes the brightness and luminence values that are displayed. It also contains color information.

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