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Carmen Wong is currently working at ZERO VFX in Boston, Massachusetts as a Roto/Paint Artist and 3D Generalist. Wong has received a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Visual Effects from Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to attending graduate school Wong graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Graphics/Digital Media.

During Carmen's undergrad days she spent time exploring all areas of the computer art field.  She was able to get experience in developing web sites for non-profit organizations, being a freelance photographer on the college newspaper, and was the design editor for a sports magaize. It was not until she started creating levels in the Unreal Engine for a theatre production and interning as a 3D generatlist at a local production company that sparked Wong's interest in technical art. Which then lead her in pursuing a graduate degree in Visual Effects.

While attending SCAD Carmen was able to develop her skills as a technical artist. Learning MEL, Python, Bash Scripting, and a basic knowledge of Pixar's RIB coding. While also learning the foundations of digital compositing in The Foundry's Nuke, procedural modeling using SideFx Houdini and creating complex shaders in Pixar's RenderMan. Wong has been able to work on some great student projects to develop her skills in both live action and animation.

Aside from Visual Effects, Wong has always had an interest in photography ever since she was young. Over the years she has had experience using both 35mm manual and digital single reflective lens (DSLR) cameras. While she does enjoy using a manual camera and black and white dark room printing, these days she mostly works with digital photography. 

When Carmen is not sitting at the computer or taking photos she enjoys the outdoors and playing sports. Some of her favorite activities are going rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, swimming and soccer to name a few. Wong also loves to travel when she can and experience new cultures. She's had the opportunity to have traveled overseas to various European countries and Asia as well. 

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